Top 5 sights
in LInz on the rhine

Discover the beauty of Linz on the Rhine. Colourful half-timbered houses, romantic alleyways, imposing castles and palaces - all this and more makes the "Colourful City on the Rhine" an enchanting destination for a day trip in Rhineland-Palatinate. The historic old town invites you to take a leisurely stroll through its alleyways and linger a while. The beautiful location on the Rhine is ideal for relaxing walks and picturesque boat trips. The surrounding area also offers many fantastic excursions.

Here are our top 5 attractions in Linz on the Rhine.


It is the city's most beautiful landmark: Linz Castle. Built in the 14th century, the historic castle was once used as a customs and toll castle and was integrated into the city wall. Today it is a charming attraction for visitors and residents alike. Visit Linz Castle and be enchanted by its charm, experience first class gastronomy or discover the Roman glassworks, armoury and torture chamber or one of the changing exhibitions on site.


Attention romantics: The picturesque old town of Linz on the Rhine invites you to stroll, shop and daydream. Explore the narrow streets, admire the well-preserved half-timbered houses or enjoy a slice of cake in one of the little cafés. The well-preserved and brightly coloured houses give the town the nickname
"The Colourful City on the Rhine" and make it a dream destination for romantics.

Why not take a walking tour of the Old Town and learn more about the historic buildings and the city's history. Some of the highlights of the Old Town are the Market Square with the City Fountain, the Neutor, the Buttermarkt, the Rheintor and the Parish Church of St Martin.


The historic parish church of St Martin is a must for anyone interested in art, architecture and religion. It is the oldest building in the city and is particularly impressive for its beautiful architecture. When you visit St Martin's, you can not only take part in inspiring services, but also see impressive art exhibitions or experience unique concerts.

The best way to discover the church is to take a guided tour. You will learn all about the church, its furnishings and elaborate 13th century murals.


Surrounded by beautiful vineyards, Ockenfels Castle sits on a steep slope overlooking the Rhine. The medieval castle with its romantic towers is a feast for the eyes. It is privately owned and not currently open to the public. However, the climb up to the castle is well worth the effort, as it offers wonderful views of the river and the surrounding countryside. From Linz on the Rhine you can easily walk up to the castle and enjoy many beautiful impressions. A walk along the famous Rhine steep path between Linz and Ockenfels is perfect for nature lovers and romantics.


What would a trip to Linz be without a trip on the Rhine? The Rhine ferry Linz-Kripp is a traditional ferry connection between Linz on the Rhine and Remagen/Kripp. The crossing is not only convenient and inexpensive, but also offers the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful city and its picturesque surroundings from a completely different perspective. The short crossing is fun and worthwhile at any time of year.